companions and icons words the image-repertoire ephemera wherever you go

Sometimes my heart beats faster:

the prettiest pinkest and most perverse little mutton chop

the ruby lamb

"the avant-garde's first sex symbol" - Melody Maker

Robin Rimbaud, sound artist


Britt Daniel, rockstar

the artist formerly known as the boy

CKW, aka X-opher

my future porch companion

the exotic creature known as Gabriel

bring me the head of Carmen Miranda

Bob Sherman, Camera Casanova

Laura Grieco, Producer/Actor

his hair is much better now

12XU mogul and unqualified Mets Fan, GC


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last altered 1.25.04

the heavy metal guitar player

MI Designer maestro Lucian

note stylish jersey

Timothy Bonham, photographer

Canlit couldlit hadlight

Donato Mancini

WFMU Maestro

Brian Turner, M.D.

Claudia Calhoon, "The Rock"

Blossum Gilmour, international crusader

Matthew Daley, Wiring

Cindy Filipechenko, Humourist

Luke Carson, Ph.D.

not a tv or a logo, but a justice-seeker

Jonathan Lawson, free mind

soon to be the man with the world's longest resume

Dr. Trevor Corneil

Joshua Mittleman, personal assistant



Adam Bullied aka Plazmodeus


perhaps the fashion sense has changed slightly, but the hair has only grown longer

Morgan Jones, computers

author, architect, lawyer, artist: is there anything this man can't do?

Holman Wang, rennaissance man